Vancouver trucker strike causes cargo diversion to U.S.

This has been excerpted from the 19 March 2014 article by the American Shipper and is available in its entirety HERE (subscription required)

Ocean carriers are making plans to divert cargo from Port Metro Vancouver, where a strike by truckers upset about driving rates has severely handicapped operations to U.S. ports in the Pacific Northwest, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The agency said in an automated message to importers and trade service providers that container lines have submitted requests to shift vessel calls and offload cargo destined to Vancouver to ports such as Seattle and Tacoma, Wash. Cargo could then be moved up to Vancouver by truck or rail or carriers could make a request to redeliver the cargo directly to a U.S. destination.

CBP is reminding carriers and customers that all U.S. security and trade laws will be enforced for rerouted cargo, including the requirement that an Importer Security Filing be filed in advance…


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